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June 28, 2017 - Wildfires raging in states across the Southwestern U.S., have forced tens of thousands from their homes and closed major highways. In Utah, crews hope to contain flames near Brian Head, which has been declared the largest active fire in the U.S., while a dense blaze rages unchecked near Prescott, AZ, the town where 19 firefighters perished battling a 2013 wildfire.


In this week's update from the Drought Center at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, the map shows that most of the U.S., with the exception of High Plains states and parts of the Southwest, are not presently under drought conditions.

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June 16, 2017 - Leader on insurance industry issues ranging from drunk driving to technology.
June 15, 2017 - Florida, Texas, Georgia And Louisiana remain top states for lightning claims. Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 18–24.
June 01, 2017 - Colorado State University forecasts 14 named storms this season including Tropical Storm Arlene.