Homeowners and Renters Insurance

Consumer Basics
What Is Homeowners Insurance? Article
What Is Covered by Standard Homeowners Insurance? Article
Are there different types of policies? Article
Insuring a Co-op or Condo Article
Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding? Article
Flood coverage is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program.
Which Disasters Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance? Article
Can I own a home without homeowners insurance? Article
Home Buyers Insurance Checklist Article
You will be paying insurance on your home for as long as you own it, so you should factor the cost of insurance into the home-buying process.
Your Renters Insurance Checklist Article
If you are a renter, you still need insurance to cover your belongings.
Renters Insurance Video
What Type of Insurance Do I Need If I'm Renting Out My Home? Article
Before renting out your home, your first step should be to call your insurance agent.
Peer-to Peer Home Rental Article
If you are planning to rent out your home, your first step should be to contact your insurance professional.
Trees and Insurance Article
Are you covered for fallen trees?
Understanding Your Insurance Deductible Article
Understanding the role deductibles play in an auto and/or a homeowners insurance policy is an important part of getting the most out of your insurance policy.
Three Reasons to Take a Home Inventory Article
How to Create a Home Inventory Article
Would you be able to remember all the possessions you have accumulated over the years if they were destroyed by a fire?
What's the difference between cancellation and nonrenewal? Article
Insuring A Vacation Home Article
Buying a Policy
How much homeowners insurance do I need? Article
Floaters and Endorsements: Special Coverage for Valuables Article
I'm installing a pool-what kind of insurance do I need? Article
How do I pick an insurance company? Article
Where can I buy insurance? Article
How to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance Article
Five Insurance Mistakes to Avoid…... (and Still Save Money) Article
Avoid these pitfalls when buying auto, home, flood and renters insurance.
Ten Questions To Help You Assess Your Changing Insurance Needs Article
Coverage needs change as circumstances in our lives change, so we recommend an annual insurance review.
Self-Storage Facilities: Insurance and Safety Tips for Storing Your Stuff Article
What information do I need to provide to my agent? Article
Credit and Insurance Scores Article
What if I can't get coverage? Article
How often should I review my policy? Article
Should I purchase an umbrella liability policy? Article
What Is A Loss History Report? Article
Filing a Claim
How Do I File A Homeowners Claim? Article
Understanding the Claims Payment Process Article
Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim: Six Steps Video
How is the settlement amount determined? Article
What can I do if I am having trouble settling my claim? Article
Settling Insurance Claims After A Disaster Article
Infographic: How To File A Flood Insurance Claim Article
Avoiding Scams After A Disaster Article
What Is a Public Adjuster? Article
Safety and Preparedness Tips
Grilling Safely Article
How To Protect Your Home From Water Damage Article
Lawnmower Safety Article
Lightning Coverage and Safety Article
Damage caused by lightning, such as fire, is covered by standard homeowners and business insurance policies.
Making Sure Your Home Is Properly Covered For A Disaster Article
For many people, their home is their greatest asset, so it is crucial to avoid being underinsured.
Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for Moving Article
Knowing you have the right insurance to protect your belongings can ease the stress of moving.
Pool Safety Article
Protecting Your House From Mold Article
Social Host Liability Article
Bicycle Safety and Insurance Article
Bicycles are covered under the personal property section of standard homeowners and renters insurance policies.
Remodeling your home Article
Securing Your Home Against Burglary Article
Sewer Backup Article
Severe Cold Weather Survival Checklist Article
Preparing your home for extreme cold.
Winter Weather Preparation Tips Article
Yard Sale Article
Infographic: Pi Day Article
Dog Bite Liability Issues Updates
Pet Statistics Fact & Statistic
Sinkholes and Insurance Article
While most insurance policies exclude coverage for earth movement, some states that require insurers to offer optional sinkhole coverage for an additional premium.
Chinese Drywall Fact Sheet Article