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Despite the legal requirements in 49 states, many drivers in the U.S. remain uninsured. Don't risk your financial health—make sure you're insured, and learn how to protect yourself in the event of an accident with an uninsured motorist.
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Gap insurance covers the difference between what a vehicle is worth, and what is owed on it.
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Many factors can affect your auto insurance premium.
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Auto insurance premiums are calculated using a many factors—and some insurers give more weight to some factors than others. The cost of an auto insurance policy is generally determined by the amount of coverage, types of coverage chosen and other factors.
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Avoid these pitfalls when buying auto, home, flood and renters insurance.
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Auto insurance is mandated nearly everywhere in the United States. But it can be hard to get a policy if you have a poor driving record or are seen as a high risk for other reasons. This information will help you find coverage.
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After an automobile accident, you want to make sure that you are adequately paid for the repair or for the value of your totaled car. Here's how.
Will my insurance pay for a loss in my car's value if it is damaged in a collision? Article
After a vehicle has been involved in a major accident and has been repaired, the resale value may be less than if it had not been damaged.
Understanding your insurance deductibles Article
Deductibles have been an essential part of the insurance contract for many years. Understanding the role deductibles play when insuring a car or home is an important part of getting the most out of your insurance policy.
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No one wants to get into a car crash. But being prepared and knowing what to do if you are involved in an accident can save lives, reduce injuries and make the claims process simpler and easier.
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Background on: Distracted Driving Issues Updates
Distracted driving is the cause of a large percentage of auto accidents each year. Teen drivers are especially at risk, and employers may be liable for their employees' distracted driving incidents. Avoid being a distracted driving statistic with these safety reminders.
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The more safely built the car you buy, the better the chances of your surviving an accident. Protect yourself and your passengers by understanding the factors that make a car safe and making your purchase accordingly.
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Snow, sleet, ice and below freezing temperatures all have an effect on driving conditions. During winter, safety depends on driver performance in winter hazards, good vehicle maintenance—and common sense. These tips will help you and your car weather the winter.
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Motorcycle Insurance Article
Choosing the right insurance policy is much like choosing the right motorcycle. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle—and to be within your budget. Here's a guide to insurance coverage for your bike—and some tips to make your insurance ride more "easy" on your wallet.
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Having your vehicle stolen is bad enough, but carjacking—having it taken while you're behind the wheel—is potentially dangerous, even lethal. Foil would-be car thieves and keep yourself safe with these precautions.
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